CA Indosuez Wealth (Italy) SpA choose an HR Full Outsourcer

ArlatiGhislandi, a firm specialising in labour, trade union and tax law, is the new HR outsource of CA Indosuez Wealth (Italy) SpA.

The ArlatiGhislandi studio and the two companies of the Crédit Agricole group have carried out an ambitious project that involved the audit and the re-start-up of Human Resources management services.

The personnel administration, time management and payroll services, as well as the business intelligence setting activities, were carried out through the use of ArlatiGhislandi best practices and thanks to the integrated collaboration with the Indosuez Wealth Management team in Italy.

The AG team is managed by Irene Pennelli for service activities and Cinzia Cagnan for technology management, who are led by Managing Partner Massimiliano Arlati.

An Interview With The team at ArlatiGhislandi

Why was this an ambitious project?

HR outsourcing is always a delicate affair. Even more so in the credit sector, due to the high level required and the complexities of remuneration; managing this in September with a timeframe of 30 days is a tough challenge. Nonetheless, it was flawlessly completed.

Why is HR outsourcing important and beneficial?

HR management requires specific skills and high professional knowledge, as well as constant updating of expertise and systems. Only specialised companies and professionals can guarantee services and content suitable to give added value to HR management through transparency and control.

The experience we have acquired over the years alongside our daily interaction with social security institutions and public administrations allow us to guarantee HR management entirely in line with the actual needs of the company, from: the cost assessments of startups, staff classification and to the management and discussion of litigation with social security authorities, as well as timely preparation of any document necessary for any legal obligation.


How is the firm perfect for this?

ArlatiGhislandi is a forward-thinking firm that has engrained tradition with advanced IT and has a collection of Italian pioneers in labour and union law which has allowed the firm to develop deep administrative expertise in HR management over the years.

To develop dedicated projects and high-level solutions, ArlatiGhislandi uses labour consultants, accountants, lawyers, management engineers and IT experts who work as a team to delivered tailor-made solutions.

Because if it is true that “the law is equal for all”, it is also true that “each company has its own peculiarities”; each situation requires in-depth analysis, customised tools and an overall view, without forgetting the characteristics of each individual element and the individual circumstance. This is what we have drawn from our experience and is the result of many years of practice in the profession.

Our approach towards medium/large customers and our management philosophy, strongly oriented towards the proposal of outsourcing services, have always facilitated synergies with large international companies.

The firm’s philosophy is based on two fundamental and indispensable pillars for its professionals: excellence and speed.

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