5 Common Reasons People Consult a Litigation Team

The words “see you in court” are often used as a veiled threat. Getting sued or filing a suit against a person or group is a rollercoaster ride, and it is difficult if you don’t have a lawyer that can help you with your claims.

For the average person, consulting a lawyeror a litigation teamis only necessary when legal troubles arise. More often than not, people who urgently need a lawyer are those who already have a pending case against them. Some also seek legal services only when they feel the need to file a complaint against someone. 

However, there are people who need not just a lawyer, but a whole litigation team that can help them sort out complicated legal issues and processes. Usually, these people don’t even have to wait for legal issues to arise. They already have a dedicated legal team that can give counsel, mediate issues with a third party, or represent them in a full-blown trial. Below are some of the most common reasons why a person or group has to consult and hire a litigation team.

Settling Business-Related Issues

A business lawyer can either be a litigation or transactional lawyer. Commercial or business litigation is similar to civil litigation, where two business firms sue each other in court for either breach of contract, infringement of intellectual property rights, or other business or trade-related issues. The bigger a business, the more it needs a litigation team that can work on multiple claims and suits that the company is involved in.

On the other hand, a transactional (business) lawyer does not necessarily go to court. This legal expert handles paperwork and documentation matters to ensure that a corporation or firm is doing business within the bounds of law. Aside from that, a transactional business lawyer can give legal advice or mediate between third parties so the client does not have to resort to litigation. 

Some of the responsibilities of a transactional lawyer include drafting employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements and negotiating a sale or acquisition between two or more firms and companies.

The bigger a business, the more it needs a litigation team that can work on multiple claims and suits that the company is involved in.

Ironing Out Domestic Disputes

Family lawyers can handle many issues involving divorce, child custody, paternity, adoption, and even pre-nuptial agreements. Family lawyers also work with other lawyers, such as criminal lawyers, who can also help them in instances where there are criminal acts involved (like domestic abuse and violence).  

Now you might be thinking that you only need one lawyer to handle a divorce or custody trial, but that’s not always the case. For clients with large properties, a litigation team can best handle the situation as there are also shares and divisions of property that are going to be done. 

Inheritance and Estate Issues

If you want to dispute a will, you would need a trust and estate lawyer. Again, while one lawyer could be enough for this, it would be arduous and more time-consuming, especially if it involves multiple properties across different states. 

Each state also has varying succession laws and estate taxes that have to be taken into account. With a litigation team, the process can be faster and more efficient as they can also work with partners that are based in different states. 

Avoiding Or Hurdling Tax Problems

There are slight differences in tax rules and rates in each federal state. A litigation team can best handle the problem for those who have several assets or estates and businesses across multiple states. A litigation team can also help settle disputes and responsibilities with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and other tax collecting agencies.

Seeking Relief From Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy or insolvency and the task of liquidating assets is a long and tedious process, especially for corporations and individuals who have a long list of obligations to answer for. With a litigation team, filing for bankruptcy and going through the proceedings can be done faster and more efficiently. The liquidation of assets and fulfillment of obligations, including payment for damages, can also be dealt with more quickly.

Final Thoughts

A legal issue is never simple. Whether we like it or not, we must approach legal troubles with a lawyer beside us. Hiring one does come at a cost, but it is not as expensive as jail time or a tarnished reputation. 

The more complicated a legal issue is, the more one would need to consult a litigation team. That’s because one legal issue can have different facets, and laws are not always the same or complementary between different states or countries. While litigation is commonly associated with court procedures and trials, a litigation team can also settle disputes outside of court and assist in mediating and forging amicable settlements instead.

Finding a competent litigation team is difficult, especially if you need lawyers from different fields of expertise and practice. But for such concerns, a legal recruitment agency can help you connect to a battery of lawyers and legal experts who are ready to represent your interests and uphold your rights.

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