Malteser Germany’s sale of six of its eight acute care hospitals

Last year, Malteser Germany announced that it wanted to sell six of its eight acute care hospitals. 

Two of the houses were sold in May: Helios Kliniken took over the ‘Seliger Gerhard’ hospital in Bonn. The Cologne St. Hildegardis Hospital went to the Cellit Foundation. Now, the remaining four clinics are also expected to change hands in the next few months.

Fresenius Helios is acquiring the Malteser Hospital (“MKHB”) in the western German city of Bonn. The 400-bed acute care hospital, with approximately 750 employees, treats approximately 13,000 patients annually. Its sales last year were about €66 million. Along with the hospital, Fresenius Helios will acquire two medical centres and a pharmacy with attached logistics centre.

Möller & Partner were involved in the deal on behalf of the selling party with responsibility for regulatory affairs, especially in regard to hospital law and health care regulation. “As long-time advisers to Malteser Germany”, explains Partner Dr Kyrill Makoski, “We had the necessary background knowledge to ensure a smooth transfer and a successful transaction. Similarly, our long-time partnership with Redeker Sellner Dahs facilitated the co-operation under the guidance of the lead partner there, Dr Jürgen Lüders.”

The transaction was led by Dr Kyrill Makoski, no other attorneys from the firm were involved.

All other areas of specialisation were covered by the colleagues from Redeker Sellner Dahs.

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