Careers in Law That Don’t Require a Return to School

Working in law can be well-compensated and rewarding. If the idea of working in this field is intriguing, but you are not sure that law school is for you, you may want to explore the many other career paths that utilise similar strengths and interests.

You may work in one of these jobs for a few years and decide that returning to school is what you want after all. And if not? You have a career that is stable and allows you to provide a comfortable life for yourself.

Working as an attorney is demanding, and if it is not something you think you would enjoy, you should not go back to school. There are a variety of jobs available that allow you to get a better understanding of what a lawyer’s job is like. Working in the legal field, but not as an attorney, is still rewarding, important work.

The first few years working in the field may offer lower pay. Once you gain experience, you can find employment at large firms that offer excellent compensation. Refinancing your student loans from undergraduate school allows you to save money while you build your career. If you are interested in exploring your options before committing to law school, consider one of these careers.

Legal Secretary

The duties of a legal secretary are similar to those of an administrative assistant. In a typical law office, the amount of paperwork, level of detail, and specific nature of the work require a higher level of training than would be required in many other offices. Attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure are priorities.


There are certificates and degree programs that train you for this job. As a paralegal, you will be responsible for much of the paperwork involved in a case, such as performing research and drafting pleadings. The work is often fast-paced and deadline-driven. There can be an overlap between the work performed by the legal secretary and that performed by the paralegal. If you are interested in working in law, but do not feel confident in your background, this can be a great way to transition into the field. Strong administrative skills and an undergraduate degree are often enough to find a job as a legal secretary. You can then work your way up to a paralegal.

Court Messenger

If you are interested in a fast-paced position, a job as a court messenger may appeal to you. Court messengers spend their days delivering documents to and from courts and attorneys.

Court Clerk

For people with strong attention to detail who want to work in the judicial system, working as a court clerk can be a good choice. The court clerk is responsible for managing the huge number of documents involved in every court case. Depending on the size of the court there can be several court clerks. You can find a job as an entry-level clerk and move up as you gain experience.


If you are interested in learning more about how court proceedings work, working as a stenographer gives you full access to the process. A stenographer transcribes proceedings as they are happening. Some areas are moving away from stenographers. Instead, the proceedings are taped, and a court reporter creates transcripts of the tape. While this does not give you full access to the courtroom, it does give you an inside look at how the judicial system works.

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