Alphabet Chief Legal Officer Ousted Without Leaving Package

David Drummond, Alphabet’s CLO will be leaving the company as of 31 January.

Following recent reports regarding the tech conglomerate’s handling of sexual misconduct among executives, and for claims that Drummond may have had inappropriate relationships with other employees, the top legal executive of almost 20 years, will be .leaving alphabet behind him.

A spokesperson for the company also added that Drummond would not be receiving a leaving package as part of his exit, unlike Android creator Andy Rubin, who received a $90 million exit package, despite Alphabet investigations finding sexual assault claims against him credible.

David Drummond, now 56 and a key part of Alphabet since its inception, said in an internal memo to colleagues that he is retiring after “careful consideration.”

“With Larry and Sergey now leaving their executive roles at Alphabet, the company is entering an exciting new phase, and I believe that it’s also the right time for me to make way for the next generation of leaders,” he wrote.

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