Barristers Skip Court Security but Solicitors Must Queue

A scheme has been introduced across more than 50 courts in the UK allowing barristers to bypass court security, unlike solicitors, which must still queue and be checked.

While solicitors have to queue and undergo searches, barristers will be allowed to walk straight through the security checkpoint, into court.

The professional access scheme provides barristers with electronic ID cards, so that in 55 various courts around the UK, including London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Oxford and Durham, they can walk straight pats the security checks, saving time and personnel resources.

The Bar Council officially grants the access IDs via each barristers’ phone or tablet device, which are then scanned with equipment provided by HM Courts and Tribunals Service.

Richard Atkins QC, chair of the Bar Council, says so far, the scheme has “been a success” though there have been “some teething troubles.” Solicitors are currently excluded form the scheme, which only includes UK barristers.

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