Baker McKenzie Sexual Misconduct Hearing Underway

This week International law firm Baker McKenzie faces an investigation hearing by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) over allegations of sexual misconduct within the firm.

Today the law firm will be hearing the verdicts of the SDT, which has investigated the firm and three former senior figures at the firm, who are also accused as individuals. So far, both the firm and the individuals have denied the charges from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

One of the individuals accused, Gary Senior, allegedly tried to kiss a female junior colleague whilst in a position of responsibility and authority above her position. Reports indicate there was no consent involved, and when she said it was inappropriate, Gary senior continued. The SRA has also accused the individual of attempting to sway the investigation further once it had started.

The SRA claims Senior’s “serious error of judgement” should have warranted to a written warning immediately.

The other two individuals are Thomas Kennedy Cassels and Martin Lawrence Blackburn, both former employees at Baker Mckenzie, in 2012, Partner and head of HR respectively. They are both accused of helping Gary Senior influence the SDT investigations and for failing to report Senior’s alleged sexual misconduct in the first instance with the SRA.

The tribunal begins today and is scheduled to last 15 days.

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