Why Having a Lawyer is Beneficial

There’s this idea in our head that having a lawyer is only for bigshots in the corporate world, or high-level movie producers.

The scenes cut into our brain of expansive offices and men in suits asking hurried questions to a calm gentleman putting golf balls in his office. As much as that’s a fun image, it couldn’t be further from the truth. For most of us, having a good working relationship with a lawyer is just common sense. We make moves and interact in a variable world.

We have no idea what may happen to us. And since this is the case, we definitely don’t know the intricacies of the law off the top of our heads. Anybody, at any time, whether we agree or not, can file a case against anybody else. That could be you, especially if you have a small business. We need to be able to protect ourselves from the strange actions and legal confusions of living day to day life.

They Prevent Problems 

Lawyers fix problems. That’s the ruling narrative. In actuality, lawyers prevent problems more than they do fix them. Knowing a good lawyer means you have someone who is competent and licensed to review the paperwork with a fine-tooth comb. If you come across any contract, a legal expert can sniff out incongruencies in an instant. If you have a business, they can keep your business filings up to date while you worry about keeping the lights on. 

They Cushion Unexpected Burdens 

You can’t predict what people will do. This is especially true while on the road. If you somehow get into an accident, the order of contact after assessing the safety of the situation is police, lawyer, doctor. The succeeding days and moths are a flurry of insurance companies and claims adjusters. Having a lawyer you can contact gives you, not only legal advice but access to an entire network of experts via referrals. Let’s say you’re a victim of one of the many drunk driving accidents that happen every year. Even if your lawyer isn’t a personal injury attorney, they for sure know a good one that can handle your case. 

They Really Are Affordable 

Lastly, they’re not as expensive as everyone thinks. Yes, there are lawyers that cost an arm and two legs per hour. But many competent professionals cost less per hour than your doctor or even local plumber. Knowing a good lawyer and establishing that relationship will save you time and money–not just in the long run, but in the immediate future. And just like a doctor gives you advice regarding the kind of diet and lifestyle that ensures a fruitful aging process, a lawyer gives you advice regarding the kind of moves and speech one should make that ensures that that life stays fruitful.

We all need someone in our corner. In the world we live in today, where everyone is just looking out for themselves, why not have a professional by your side if things go sideways? There’s an element of fatalism that comes with not having contact with legal experts. And as any lawyer can tell you, that notion often disappears in a big way. Be prepared. 

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