What Is a Gagging Order, How They Are Organised and What Effect Do They Have?

At the time of writing, Sir Phillip Green was all over the media with claims of a cover up as Green applied gagging orders to a number of people who worked for him, ensuring their silence over allegations of sexual harassment, and racism. But the gagging orders are falling apart, and the question is whether we should have gagging orders in public life.

When you hear about gagging orders it’ll usually be a reference to a confidentiality clause in a settlement agreement document. A settlement agreement is essentially a contract made between you and your employer if you have been treated badly at work and you wish to leave with a lump sum payment. For example, if you were harassed by your boss, or, more commonly, if you are being unfairly dismissed. In exchange for money, you leave quietly and agree to not go to court or bring allegations to the public arena. Why would an employee want to sign a gagging order? Wouldn’t you have a strong case if you’d been unfairly dismissed or sexually harassed? Why would you not want to go to court? Wo...

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