The Rise of the Legal Freelancer

The legal profession is undergoing significant change – the way that people work; their priorities and other factors have meant that more lawyers are looking to work on a freelance basis – a business model which has been prevalent in other sectors, is now increasingly becoming a real and better alternative to private practice in a traditional law firm.

Here Bhavini Kalaria, the founder of The London Law Practice, a firm operating with a network of consultant solicitors and lawyers, explains the factors she believes have led to the rise of the legal freelancer. I started as a sole practitioner initially because as a single parent with a small child, normal legal practice just didn’t work for me. As an experienced practitioner, there were limited opportunities to advance my career and balance child care. It quickly became apparent to Bhavini, having spoken with other female practitioners who had taken time out after maternity leave, that there were many who were looking to find a way back into practice, but didn’t want the restrictive wo...

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