The Importance of Networking in the Legal Industry

Whether you’re a student just getting to grips with the legal sector, or you’re an experienced lawyer with plenty of links already, networking day in day out is vital to your career’s success in the legal industry.

Here, Francine Ryan, lecturer in law and member of the Open Justice Centre at The Open University, explains why. ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know….’ While this statement is not strictly true, developing a network of people that can support you in your career is important. If you pursue a career in law, your firm will expect you to network, and it’s never too early to start building a network of professional contacts. The idea of networking may fill with you terror but it’s not as difficult as it might first appear. What is networking? Networking is the process of speaking and interacting with people to develop professional contacts and relationships. It involves chatt...

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