Here’s How to Use Body Language to Hire the Best Lawyers

A campaign by Grosvenor Casinos has revealed the micro‐expressions and signs to look out for when trying to hire the best lawyers.

Trust is an intrinsic part of building a healthy and fruitful relationship with your lawyer, and so time, care, and due diligence needs to be taken when hiring one. Game Face, a recent study by Grosvenor Casinos, revealed how to read other people by observing body language signals and split-second micro-expressions. That focussed on playing poker, and although interviewing someone to become your lawyer is obviously different to sitting around a poker table, it can also sometimes feel like a bit of a gamble. The principles surrounding body language are one and the same. You need to be certain this individual not only has the confidence and capability of handling your case, but is somebody tha...

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