5 Simple Mistakes Law Students Make

Studying law isn’t just about the assignments and grades, but let’s face it, they are an important part of the law degree. Most law students are keen to get the best grades to demonstrate their abilities and help in their future career.

Here, Emma Jones, Senior Lecturer in Law and member of the Open Justice team at The Open University, lists five common mistakes that law students make in their assignments which can easily be avoided. 1. Not reading the question properly It may sound obvious, but it is amazing how common this mistake is. Sometimes students are so keen to get on with research and writing they don’t spend long enough to understand what the question is actually asking for. Other times they focus on one aspect or idea and fail to see the bigger picture. This means it is really important to build in time to read the question carefully and analyse what it is looking for. One approach that can be useful is to ide...

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