Becoming a Barrister: Practising Immigration Law

This week Lawyer Monthly benefits from the growing expert insight of Ahmed Osman, a barrister in pupillage at One Pump Court, as he discusses his own experiences in dealing with the immigration law practice.

In the first half of my first six months of pupillage I have focused on immigration law, and it is fair to say that it has been both fast paced and demanding. My supervisor is in court most days, and juggles this with advising solicitors and writing legal submissions. While my background in immigration prior to pupillage has been helpful, cases have often required additional legal research. The clients I have seen have mostly been vulnerable. Immigration clients inherently face difficulties because of language barriers and cultural differences. This is compounded further for some clients by the nature of their cases: a number of them have been tortured or badly mistreated in their country of...

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