Should Legal Practices in Focus on Social Media or Email Marketing?

As the second decade of the 21st century slowly comes to an end, it is becoming obvious that the future of marketing is online.

The Internet has enabled businesses from a wide variety of industries to reach their clients faster and to establish a more personal connection with them through social media. Solicitors, like all other businessmen, need a viable marketing strategy that will ensure the growth of their practice, which is the reason why it is necessary to choose the most effective marketing techniques to accomplish that task.

What’s the Difference Between Social Media and Email Marketing?

There are a lot of different ways legal practices in the UK can approach online marketing, and choosing one marketing technique doesn’t mean that you can’t use any other. For instance, law firms can reach new clients through their social media accounts, and then once a long-term collaboration is established, they can add those clients to their mailing lists and promote their services through the email marketing channel.

Social media marketing can extend the reach of your posts or help you improve the visibility of your legal practice, but leads generated through promotion on networking platforms don’t necessarily translate directly into high conversion rates. Posting content on social media that can attract the attention of your target group and having a clear policy about what you’re saying publicly can lead to higher conversion rates, but that is far from enough to ensure a steady growth of your law firm. On the other hand, the email marketing statistics show that a large percent of email marketing messages sent by legal practices reach their audience. The average open and click-through rates for legal practices have been rising continuously over the course of the last couple of years, which indicates that this marketing strategy can help solicitors maintain a productive relationship with regular clients.

Email marketing also increases your chances of reaching your potential clients because 79% of people actually get your emails. Facebook’s organic reach has dropped to 1-6%, and in the best case scenario, only 6% of your followers and fans will see your posts. Getting the users of social media platforms to like or share your posts is much more difficult than making sure your emails don’t end up in the Spam box, which can be done using automated tools such as which uses unique algorithm to confirms that the email account exists, dramatically decreasing redundant and invalid/undeliverable email addresses and reducing the risk of being marked as Spam.

Which Marketing Strategy Should Legal Practices Choose?

As mentioned earlier online marketing isn’t so much about choosing one technique, as it is about recognizing which combination of online marketing techniques will produce the best results for a particular type of business. The legal industry has a unique target audience, which is the reason why using generic marketing solutions won’t produce the desired results. Every detail of your marketing strategy needs to be planned in advance, and you should decide which social networks you’re going to use to promote your services, what type of content you’re going to be posting or how you want to present yourself to your potential clients.

Legal practices often combine different techniques with the aim of crafting a viable marketing strategy and use both email and social media as well as all other marketing methods available to them to extend their client list. Positioning your law firm as a thought leader in the field of law you’re practicing through informative social media posts or by providing useful advice to your followers can have a positive impact on the firm’s revenue streams.

On the other, sending your advertising materials to a large number of contacts can also help you add new names to your client list every month. That’s why you need to develop a marketing plan that combines several different approaches in order to increase your chances for success. Involving your colleagues into the planning of the law firm’s marketing strategy and listening to their ideas might help you create a strong team spirit during your marketing campaign. The real question isn’t whether solicitors should use email or social media marketing, but how they can discover creative and innovative ways to implement both of these techniques into their marketing strategies.

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    IMO its better via social media because it builds trust knowing that you have a page/account

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    Really social media help to promote the legal firm.. I am managing the seo for my legal client and he is getting the good result with social media..

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