Top 5 Office Essentials On A Budget

Whether you’re looking to expand your company, or you’re just looking to revamp the office for a fresh start in the New Year, knowing which office essentials to get can pose a challenge. With a number of designs, themes and ergonomic features to choose from, the variety is huge, and if you’re restricted to a budget, this can be even more of a struggle. While personal financial struggles can be relieved with same day loans in the UK, businesses have to be a little smarter with their budgets. Here, we’re exploring the five office essentials you need to consider when you’re on a budget.

#1 Desks

The ideal desks for your office will have enough space for monitors, a keyboard and mouse with enough extra room for notebooks and to stop employees feeling cluttered. You don’t need fancy desks that have a number of draws or built in compartments – as long as there is enough room and that they are sturdy enough for daily use, purchasing a cheaper desk when you’re on a budget can still provide everything you need.

Thankfully, if you’re kitting out an office, you can usually find discounts for buying in bulk. This is a great way to not only save money, but generate an ongoing theme around your office by ensuring everything is the same design.

#2 Chairs

Even though office chairs may seem like an easy way to save on money, you need to ensure that they are comfortable enough for your employees to sit on every day. Make sure that the chairs provide enough back support and where possible, also feature armrests. Wheels on the chairs also offer freedom of movement, while making an office re-shuffle far simpler if you come to refresh the layout in the future.

Office chairs come in a real range of prices, so have a look around to find the best one to suit your budget as well as your employee’s requirements.

#3 Greenery And Posters

Although these may not seem essential, a range of decoration is vital for any office environment in order to increase productivity for your employees. Blank walls can be dull and plain to look at and even decrease motivation over time, so fill your office with exciting posters and potted plants if you can. Adding colour into the office is a great way to boost morale within your workforce, and with the right colour choices, you can even create the right atmosphere. What’s more, greenery and posters are very cheap, so you will still have plenty of money left in your budget for other office essentials.

#4 Notepads And Pens

Every employee requires a notepad and several pens in order to make notes on a phone call or plan a strategy. Switching from typing on a computer to writing on a notepad is beneficial for the brain and gives the eyes a rest from staring at a screen all day.

You can buy these in bulk from a stationery company, which will save you money. Fortunately, notepads and pens are not particularly expensive, so they won’t take up much of your budget.

#5 Office Fans

It is important that you supply each employee with a fan in the office. In the summer they will each have access to cool air, so they can continue to work without getting distracted by the heat. Providing the fans are safe for use, this is another piece of equipment you can usually pick up relatively cheaply, particularly when buying in bulk. You’ll only need a small fan and in some cases, you can opt for a larger fan split between two employees if you have an open plan office.

Hopefully, these five office essentials have given you inspiration for filling or revamping your office. When you make your budget try and stick to it as much as possible and look around to find the best deals for your furniture and equipment.

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