Does Reflection Have a Place on a Law Degree?

You’re probably wondering, what is reflection and is it something that’s important to my law degree? Emma Jones, senior lecturer in law and member of the Open Justice team at the Open University, has the answers.

As you progress through your legal studies, you need to develop your reflective skills to enable you to understand your learning style, learn from your mistakes and work out how to improve in future. If you go on to life in the legal profession, you will also be expected to be a reflective practitioner. In fact, for solicitors and barristers in England and Wales that’s what their Continuing Professional Development requirements are based on! This article explains what reflection is and how you can use it in your legal studies What is reflection? Some people (such as Donald Schön) divide reflection into two types – reflection in action and reflection on action. Reflection-in-action is so...

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