3 Keys to Buying the Perfect Lifetime Briefcase

One of the most critical decisions you will have to make throughout the course of your careers is selecting the perfect business bag. Now if that doesn’t seem like it is a topic of grave importance to you, think about it this way; your business bag will be there for all the important moments of your career, from client cases, meetings with partners, promotions, to the victories in the courtroom. Finding the right bag to complement your working style can add a sense of ease to your work life.

Selecting the right bag to accompany you on your working journey should be done strategically, breaking it down into three criteria of importance: Quality, Storage, and Transit. Ask yourself, what do I need to fit in this bag on a daily basis? How do I prefer to carry my business bag? Lastly, what is the longevity of this bag? If you answer these three questions you will be on your way to finding a long lasting business companion that you are happy to bring. In order to help you answer these questions here are some of our tips:

1. When it comes to leather you want to get the best quality in your price range, durability and style should be taken strongly into consideration. A full grain leather is going to be your most durable option. Full grain leather means that the leather has not been split, and therefore is the most robust version you can find. Style is important to quality as well, you want to look for a design that is timeless if you aim to find a bag that will last you a while.

2. The next thing you should think about before making a move on your decision is storage. A good starting point to determining what size is right for you is your laptop size, then think about other bulky items you carry on a regular basis. If you travel for business you might also want to consider what you put in your bag for the flights.



3. Last but definitely not least, consider transport. What does your morning and evening commute look like? How would you like to carry this bag? If after thinking about storage you concluded that you store a lot in your bag, then you might want a shoulder strap to bear the weight. A cross body strap is great if you have to walk a distance. If you are just walking from your parking spot to your office, maybe you just need a top handle, or even a clutch style.

After considering these three essential points, you will be ready to select a bag that will complement your lifestyle and accompany you on your career journey. To kick off your search check out buckleandseam.com for premium full grain cow leather business bags. They offer a selection of timeless and durable business bags, along with other small leather accessories and travel bags.

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