GIMA TT Acquires 20% in AMT Labs Founded by Bio-on

AMT Labs Spa., NEWCO dedicated to the study, development and production of innovative materials for the tobacco world, is a company founded by Bio-on Spa and capitalised with 10 million euros.

Bio-on Spa is active in the sector of bio plastic of 100% high quality, organic and biodegradable.

All the PHA bioplastics (polyhydroxyalkanoates) developed by Bio-on Spa, are made from renewable plant sources with no competition with food supply chains; they can substitute traditional polymers today obtained by petrolchemical processes using hydrocarbons as raw materials.

GIMA TT Spa has acquired a 20% stake in AMT Labs SpA with an investment of 2.2 million euros.

GIMA TT Spa is active in the design and assembly of automatic machines on an electronic basis for the packaging of products derived from tobacco and in particular those of new generation at reduced risk. Gima TT Spa is controlled by IMA Spa

In this transaction, Poggi & Associati assisted GIMA TT through a team coordinated by the Partner Emanuele Gnugnoli. Bio-on was assisted by Partner Vittorio Catelli of the Corona Catelli Law Firm.

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