Apax France Exits RC Concept to CM-CIC Investissement

Apax Partners has announced the sale of the RC Concept group, a major player in the design of temporary, point-of-sale advertising, to CM-CIC Investissement. Backed by Apax Partners Development since 2011, RC Concept was an EPF III fund portfolio company.

Founded in 1990 by Raphaël Cohen, the RC Concept group is composed of 14 companies operating in as many complementary brand communication businesses serving the luxury goods and cosmetics sectors. Since Apax Partners Development invested in the company, RC Concept’s revenue has increased fivefold and now totals nearly €65 million. Its growth strategy is based on three dominant themes: international, digital transformation, and acquisitions.

Those involved in the transaction

CM-CIC Investissement: Stéphane Vermot-Desroches, Germain Debaene

  • Investor advice, due diligence, financial: EY (Emmanuel Picard, Guilhem de Montmarin, Benjamin Poissonnier); legal: Lamartine Council (Maxime Dequesne, Pierre Lagresle, Stephane Buffa, Charlotte Moreau).
  • Advisers for Financial: Pax Corporate Finance (Adrien Tourres, Enrick Gane, Manuel Manas); for legal: HPML (Thomas Hermetet, Virginie Florance); for due diligence: Oderis Consulting (Aurélien Vion, Charles Dupuis); for strategic: Neovian Partners (Patrick Richer, Benjamin Michel-Wertheimer); and for tax: Rozant & Cohen (Vincent Cohen).
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