Lawyers Like to Travel with Colleagues and Add Time for Leisure

Legal professionals are the sector most likely to travel with colleagues on business trips and will add on the most number of nights for leisure, The Heathrow Express Business Travel Insights Report has revealed.

The state of the nation report on business travel, commissioned by Heathrow Express surveyed business travellers from across the UK, Germany and the US and found that on average, 42% of legal professionals travel with colleagues and take on average 2.6 domestic business trips and 2.3 international business trips a year. Trips are typically 5 nights long, but are often supplemented with two to three nights for fun.

The survey also discovered that 42% of legal professionals book their own business travel, while a further 34% have a personal assistant book their trips – the highest sector to do this. In addition, 12.7% have an in-house travel department and 11% use external travel companies.

A fifth of those surveyed within the legal sector claimed that their companies had no formal rules on flights; 24% said there were no rules for accommodation and 30% claimed there were no set allowances for dining or accommodation. Eighty-seven per cent of lawyers upgrade to premium economy, business or first class when travelling long haul on a work trip compared to an average across the sectors of 81%.

In addition 18% of lawyers admitted they time their arrival at the airport with the least amount to spare, but as a result 10% of them spend their time at the airport rushing to get their flight.

While business travellers from every sector, including the legal profession, rated personal safety as the number one priority when booking flights and accommodation, speed was stated as the most important consideration when booking airport transfers.

(Source: The Heathrow Express)

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