DOJ Rapid Fire Ban Regulation Submitted

The US Department of Justice has officially submitted notice of proposed regulation to the Office of Management and Budget that aim to prohibit the use of devices, such as stocks, that enable rapid fire on weapons across the US.

In detail, the regulation seeks to revise the use of the word ‘machinegun’ in the National Firearms Act and Gun Control Act so that it includes more modern automatic fire enablers like bump stock devices. This would mean that owning, selling or buying any such devices across the US would be banned.

According to the DOJ press release Attorney General Jeff Sessions said: “President Trump is absolutely committed to ensuring the safety and security of every American and he has directed us to propose a regulation addressing bump stocks…To that end, the Department of Justice has submitted to the Office of Management and Budget a notice of a proposed regulation to clarify that the National Firearms and Gun Control Act defines ‘machinegun’ to include bump stock type devices.”

Once approved by the OMB the DOJ will move to publish the notice of proposed regulation as soon as possible.

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