3 Ways Paralegals Reduce Legal Costs

A paralegal or legal assistant plays an important role not only in cost reduction within a case, but also in assisting attorneys to increase the productivity in the legal department. Due to the extensive amount of work lawyers face every day, having the support of a paralegal is a great way to make cases flow smoother. There are many reasons to seek the services of a paralegal. Below are three ways these individuals can reduce legal costs while giving your case the support and attention it deserves.


1. Paralegals Improve Law Practice

A major difference between a paralegal and an attorney is that lawyers must go to law school and take a special exam before finally becoming licensed by the state in which they want to work in. Legal assistants usually only need to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in their field of study. Even though they are not licensed in the way that attorneys are, they bring a lot to the table, and you can rest assured they will always be under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

Consequently, a paralegal improves law practice by taking several items off an attorney’s plate to give them more time to focus on other aspects of the case that perhaps require more diligence. While they are not able to give legal advice or perform the duties of a lawyer, they can conduct legal research, review and organize client files, help with closings at trials, prepare documents, and so many other important practices that reduce operational costs.


2. Paralegals Are Educated Professionals

It is safe to say that a paralegal holds a thorough understanding of the law. Generally, they will come from a competitive background or series of programs that focused on the local legal market. Their capabilities are broad, and they hold skills that become very useful in legal settings. Additionally, they understand filing procedures, substantive law, the rules of evidence, among other important and necessary factors. If they come across any problems, they will always be under the supervision of an attorney to be sure everything runs smoothly.

When you hire a paralegal, you are receiving more than cost reduction — you are hiring an educated professional who is dedicated to working alongside your attorney to bring forward a case in the best manner possible. Just because a lawyer can practice on their own, this does not mean they don’t need the assistance of a well-prepared individual. This is where paralegals come in!


3. Hourly Rates

The final reason to why legal assistants help reduce costs is simple: the hourly rate of a paralegal is significantly lower than that of an attorney. Generally, lawyers will have more experience and conduct depositions, while paralegals sit in on the depositions and take notes.

Similar to lawyers, they are also able to write up contracts, prepare wills, interview witnesses, and write legal briefs. With the help of paralegals, lawyers increase efficiency and complete paperwork, forms, and important documents in a timely manner that would otherwise take a lengthy amount of time.

Paralegals reduce the costs of legal work by completing tasks — all under the supervision of an attorney — that would otherwise be done by a lawyer. The benefits of hiring a legal assistant are

plenty. Allow one to help you with the stress, cost, and inconvenience that legal practices bring.


Paralegal Services on a Virtual Platform

With how busy people’s schedules are, an increasingly popular and convenient option for clients is to seek the help of paralegal virtually. There are companies such as Virtual Paralegal Services (VP) that are dedicated to revolutionizing the way law firms do business. If you are here, it may be time for you to look into virtual paralegal services.


The Verdict

The hiring of a paralegal is a wise decision and can reduce legal costs. Not only do paralegals improve law practice, but they are educated and their hourly rates are significantly lower than those of an attorney. Whether it’s a virtual paralegal or an old-fashioned paralegal, clients can expect the best representation at affordable prices when they seek paralegal services.

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