Abengoa Receives Funding to Continue Projects in Mexico

Abengoa received funding to accentuate their projects in Mexico; a group of creditors funded an approximate EUR 975,100,000 to refinance Abengoa SA’s debt, enabling them to continue the construction and operations of a variety of projects.

In Madrid, the creditors had been advised by Clifford Chance LLP and Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes and Fuentes, SC in Mexico City, had advised creditors in their respective jurisdiction. Linklaters LLP had advised Abengoa on a global scale, and Rodríguez Dávalos Abogados (RDA) had advised the company in Mexico City.

Those involved from RDA were Partner Jesús Rodríguez Dávalos, Senior Associate Araceli Galván-Dunque and Associate Jimena Elizondo Garrido.

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