Gilde Equity Management acquires Boboli from Synergia Capital Partners

Interview by Niek Post, Director at Kröller Boom Insurance Brokers & Advisors

Please tell me about your involvement in the deal?

At first a brief introduction; Kröller Boom is an insurance broker & adviser, with the focus on niche private equity & investment firms including family offices. Within this niche area, we are very familiar within the market of Dutch related mid-corporate transactions such as the Boboli deal. Over the last 3 years, Kröller Boom has rapidly grown as one of the Dutch based market makers in this sector.

Around this transaction we have delivered specific insurance due diligence around the risks related to assets, liabilities and human capital, such as pension and health & benefits.  Another focus point is the warranty & indemnity insurance which we structured together with our London based M&A partner Lockton LLC.


Why is this a good deal for all involved?

Most important and at first: the deal must be a good deal for our client Gilde Equity Management (GEM) and we are proud to be the insurance partner of the deal team of GEM.  The up-side for us is to play a role in a larger field with GEM’s advisers to deliver a smooth as possible transaction result and the start of a successful investment in the end.


What challenges arose? How did you navigate them?

The challenge, as always, is the work stream versing the clock, but this challenge is part of our DNA to deliver our services and advise within timelines given by our client; the energised and close teamwork and project management within Kröller Boom and our involved partners enabled us to do so. We like to be challenged as M&A insurance broker & adviser.



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