Aleksandra Kowalik – An Overview of Polish Immigration Law

Principal of Law Firm Kowalik, Aleksandra Kowalik, here provides a summary of the of immigration law history in Poland, assimilating the beginning of such legislation with that of the UK’s Immigration Act and EU regulations, thereafter introducing a domestic approach; a similarity in law that now assists the firm greatly with its cases in Poland.

  1. Imran malik says

    Dear sirs,

    Hi I am imran British citizen planning to move to Poland will live there so I can put my name in tenancy,utility/internet bill,can get FT/PT/SE job as well.

    I need to bring my wife & child from Pakistan.Also on Polish PR does my wife and child need visa for U.K. On the permanent residence permit of Poland,Also can they stay in U.K. As long as they want .

    Need to know procedure ,documents ,time frame and utmost your fee please.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Imran Malik

    Ft= full time ,PT= part time,
    SE= self employed.

  2. Richard Rossington says

    Hi Imran,
    you can reach Aleksandra at

    Kind regards, the LM Team

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