LexisNexis TotalPatent One™: A New Solution for Patent Research

Reed Technology and Information Services Inc. (Reed Tech), a LexisNexis company, recently launched LexisNexis TotalPatent One™; a patent research solution designed to deliver on-point results derived from the most comprehensive and in-depth content collection of patent and non-patent literature available. The newly built platform, incorporating state-of-the-art search technology and user interface design, maximizes efficiency and delivers easy access to the answers users require.

 TotalPatent One was crafted so patent professionals can confidently find the results they seek. Users can review their entire set of results on one easy-to-scroll page with no limit to the number of returned results. The results are enhanced by visual analytics which display metadata in charts and graphs so users can instantly analyze information on the authorities, assignees and class codes.

 Here Lawyer Monthly hears from the Senior Director of Product Management at Reed Tech, Jaime Zamora, about this innovative new software, and how it might help your business or law firm, both now and in the future. We ask who will be using it, how it works, how it adapts, and how it will impact the IP legal segment.


What makes this IP technology innovative and original? What is its USP and intended impact?

LexisNexis TotalPatent One™ employs new search technology combined with an intuitive user interface that enables users to get comprehensive, on-point results quickly. Returned result sets will allow users to confidently and quickly answer such questions as: “Is my patent being infringed,” “Would my application infringe the patent of anyone else,” “What are the related patents in this family?”

Patent researchers are looking for three main things in a tool: 1) a content set that is broad and deep; 2) a search engine and UI that is both intuitive and powerful enough to easily extract the requisite documents from the content set and 3) the ability to meaningfully display, manipulate, save and format the retrieved documents for review purposes.

TotalPatent One excels in each area. TotalPatent One has the most comprehensive content repository drawn from over 100 patent authorities (32 in full-text and 68 bibliographic). Secondarily, the complete redesign of the user interface and implementation of Single Page Application Technology (SPA), makes it an easy-to-use and highly effective search engine. Lastly, the user can easily manipulate the results as desired with integrated text and graphical visualization filters directly into the search results view, as well as offering the dynamic grid and image flipper views.


Who would the technology’s main users be and how will it help them?

Patent professionals at both law firms and corporations, research and development scientists and licensing/strategy professionals. Having complete answer sets will allow users to make strategic decisions about prosecuting and defending their patent portfolios.


How does the software work and what process does it undertake?

TotalPatent One uses the latest search technology to enable a more fluid, on-point and immediate set of response results. From its own data center, LexisNexis IP is running a private cloud to provide to the user’s browser a Single Page Application. New technologies allow even customers with slower networks the ability to experience a fluent application. The search language has been designed with the workflow of patent searching in mind, natively supporting desired features such as: class expansion, family deduplication, work folders, and annotation while still providing speedy, pertinent results.


How does it adapt to the needs and uses of its users?

TotalPatent One adapts to the needs of its users in several ways. Since the user interface is intuitive, users can quickly use TotalPatent One without a lot of training while the search engine logic returns on-point search results so answers can be found quickly and easily. The single-page application technology allows users a much faster and fluid user experience with filters that display the most pertinent results. The online collection of full-text and bibliographic patent information in both native language as well as English machine translation ensure better international patent searches. Finally, searchable PDFs are available in bulk download.


You say this technology will ‘will set new benchmarks for the industry’; how so?

 Patent research professionals make strategic decisions on how to best strategically approach their portfolios. Since patents are often responsible for the lion share of a company’s growth; it is critical they have complete and accurate information on which to make those decisions.

Ideally users want a quick, complete answer with pertinent filters and analytics from a tool that does not require a lot of training. We believe no other available patent research tool on the market can deliver against all of these requirements whereas TotalPatent One does.


Since its launch last month, what has been the overall response from users and the related professional industries?

There has been a lot of excitement around our launch. Our sales team has been very busy responding to requests and we have seen a significant increase in our web traffic. When showing the new solution to potential users, they are very impressed by TotalPatent One. I have heard comments like: “This is amazing,” “Lightning-fast,” “Slick,” “Light-years ahead.” The product is currently available for demo and our sales team is actively responding to inquiries about it.


Does LexisNexis IP have any further revolutionary technologies up its sleeve?

We have several exciting new enhancements and solutions on the way. We recently launched LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® Custom Information Reports for Alice and PathWays. Companies and law firms struggling with approvals for software patent applications now have an avenue to help them review what their options are to overcome Alice rejections with these customized reports. PathWays helps applicants characterize their inventions so they can avoid low allowance art units. Additionally, we have several very exciting launches coming over the next months. Please stay tuned as we will be sharing those with the marketplace over time.


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