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Edwin Coe Take the Reins on Lead Article 50 Court Action

Edwin Coe has been appointed as solicitors for the Santos claim that seeks to determine whether Parliamentary authority is required before Article 50 notice withdrawing from the EU can be triggered.

The Santos claim is the only issued application for judicial review on the issue of whether the Prime Minister has the power to serve notice of withdrawal from the EU under Article 50 based on Royal Prerogative or will need a vote in Parliament approving withdrawal. The application is due to be heard for the first time on 19 July.

Edwin Coe is the leading class action firm in the UK. It acted for 50,000 small shareholders in the Railtrack litigation and then in the Northern Rock judicial review and has continued to act for small shopkeepers and traders in judicial review proceedings, most recently in relation to VAT changes and in Sunday trading hours. It is representing South American flower farmers in a claim against British Airways for price fixing. It represents Hillsborough victims and victims of child abuse in schools.

David Greene, senior partner of Edwin Coe LLP, said:

“We are very pleased to be joining the Bar team lead by Dominic Chambers QC on this issue. This is an issue of crucial constitutional importance in the process of withdrawal fromthe EU. It makes perfect sense for this issue to be determined as soon as possible. The determination will clear the way for the right method to be adopted in serving notice under Article 50. We will certainly be pressing the Court to deal with the matter swiftly.”

(Source: Edwin Coe LLP)

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