Lawyer Monthly is a respected legal publication that is distributed in print and digital formats each month. Lawyer Monthly’s global reach includes North America, Europe, South America and the emerging Asian economies.Here are just a few reasons why Lawyer Monthly sets itself apart from the competition to ensure the maximum impact for your message:First for news – We report on legal news as it happens, by jurisdiction, sector and practice area. Our singular focus on news across multiple jurisdictions reflects the growing trend of consolidation, mergers and affiliations of legal firms.Not just read by other lawyers – Many legal journals are very much about creating content by lawyers for lawyers. Whilst we do this too, we also create content by lawyers for the corporations and business that need legal services. This clear point of difference means that your message reaches potential clients not just your contemporaries.

A truly Legal publication – We focus on doing one thing only and that’s reporting on the legal world. Many other publications have a catch all approach, with catch all titles to entice readers, which in our view at least, dilutes their relevance. So you won’t find us talking about anything unless it’s legal.

Lawyer Monthly meets your marketing objectives:

  • Access to a wide range of audiences such as decision makers in business, government entities, and of course customers;
  • Heightened visibility due to positive publicity through the media is another reason for corporate sponsorship of events;
  • Increase your credibility through association with the legal industry’s leading global magazine;
  • Open up new business opportunities through targeted brand exposure among current and potential customers;
  • Be viewed as the market leader in your  area of expertise by sponsoring the features.