ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse to offer ongoing claims notification services

12 Dec, 2013

ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) has today announced that it will offer an ongoing claims service, where trademark holders (and/or their agents) will be notified of potential intellectual property infringement indefinitely, beyond the original 90 day period. Whenever a domain name in a new gTLD that exactly matches a term recorded in the Trademark Clearinghouse, the trademark holder will receive an e-mail and therefore be in a position to take any appropriate action at the earliest opportunity.

The decision to extend the claims service has been made in response to market demand by IP holders for an open-ended notification solution. The service will only be available to trademark holders recording marks into The Trademark Clearinghouse and comes at no additional cost.

The service is non-mandatory, leaving each trademark holder to decide whether they wish to sign up for the ongoing claims notifications services.

The Trademark Clearinghouse, which was created as the only ICANN authorized and centralized repository of validated trademarks for the purpose of protecting brands in the new gTLD program, is set to break the 20,000 threshold of trademarks recorded.  Almost double the number of labels are protected since each trademark can result in more than one domain name term (label) being protected.  In addition, most marks are recorded for more than the minimum one year period.

Jan Corstens, Worldwide Project Partner, Deloitte: “Entering a trademark into the Trademark Clearinghouse provides two very valuable services, both in terms of brand awareness and protection. The extension of the claims notification service on an indefinite basis will significantly improve its value to the IP community. We’re pleased to provide this service as an additional benefit to mark holders, beyond the mandatory 90 day claims period which was originally instructed by ICANN”.

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