Business rates campaigners: Osborne’s 2 % cap not enough

04 Dec, 2013

Campaigners from Birmingham calling for a freeze on business rates are urging the Chancellor of the Exchequer to go further than the 2% cap on next year’s increase set to be announced in tomorrow’s autumn statement

Birmingham Solicitors DBS Law are running a campaign to persuade Ministers to freeze business rates until a revaluation of property values takes place to protect high street traders in the Midlands.

Business rates are set to rise by 3.1% across the whole country next April.  Since 2008 the tax has risen by 30% making the UK rate the highest in the EU.  Midlands’s campaigners say the effect of the tax is much worse in the regions where economic performance has lagged behind the prosperous south east.

DBS Law CEO Rob Bhol said, “The collapse of the West Midlands retailer Osborne’s should stand as an omen for the Chancellor on business rates. Tinkering around the fringes of this policy with a small reduction of a crippling increase will not make any difference to retailers and High Street businesses in the regions.”

“The whole tax is unjust as it takes no account of the income of each business nor does it adequately reflect the different economic climates in each region outside London and the South East.”

DBS Law is asking their clients and other businesses in the Midlands to sign this petition.

Business rates petition “The current system for calculating business rates in England is iniquitous.  The nationally set rate discriminates against enterprises based in the regions outside the South East of England as elsewhere property values have stagnated.

The delay to the scheduled revaluation of rateable values will only make things worse for hard pressed businesses in the Midlands particularly.

The delay to the revaluation may be motivated by electoral expedience but this is of no concern to a business community in the regions desperate for relief from the burden of this blunt Westminster tax.
Therefore we call on the Government to freeze business rates at the 2013 level until the revaluation takes place

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