Reaction from the Forum of Private Business on George Osborne’s speech on the economy

09 Sep, 2013

Commenting on George Osborne’s speech on the economy in London this morning (9th September) Alex Jackman, Head of Policy at the Forum of Private Business, said: “Speaking from a busy construction site in East London the Chancellor delivered his message clearly enough, the UK economy has turned a corner and he would not deviate from Plan A. He and the Government have taken a lot of criticism  politically for their policies but with Britain increasing exports and showing signs of a 3% upwards growth in the remainder of 2014, things are finally are looking a little more rosy.


“We have supported the Chancellor’s long terms plans and our members have told us that they have felt his level of deficit reduction has been right.  If the economy is now in full recovery mode, then the Chancellor could do worse than focus on further deregulation of businesses to speed it up even more.”

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