Jürgen Taschke appointed the new President of the Hessian Administrative Court of Justice

16 Sep, 2013

Prof. Dr Jürgen Taschke, partner at DLA Piper, has been appointed the new President of the Hessian Administrative Court. Jörg-Uwe Hahn, the Hessian Minister of Justice, for Integration and European Affairs, handed over the appointment deed to Professor Taschke today in the historic hall of the Ministry of Justice in Wiesbaden. 

Professor Taschke presented the past President, Ingo Senger, with a deed of thanks and bade him farewell from office. Professor Taschke will be taking office as President as of 16 September 2013.

The Administrative Court of Justice is an independent state court for specific fields and matters and acts as a court of appeal for rulings handed down by the Administrative Court. It is the court of first instance for all notices issued by the Bar Association. In addition, it is the preferred court for deciding election challenges and resolutions adopted by the bodies of the Bar Association.

Prof. Dr Jürgen Taschke is a partner of DLA Piper in Frankfurt. He is considered one of the leading German lawyers in the fields of commercial or white-collar crime. Professor Taschke has advised a number of companies with stock exchange listings in Germany, in other European countries and in the US, as well as with investigation proceedings in Germany and abroad. 

Professor Taschke is also engaged as an author. He recently published a book about Max Alsberg, the most famous criminal defence lawyer of the Weimer Republic, who suffered as a Jewish member of the legal profession during the National-Socialist regime.

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