Law firm launches industry first e-commerce site

08 May, 2013

Brilliant Law, the ABS that hit the headlines in January for offering fixed priced legal services to SMEs, is making it simpler for businesses to access its services with the launch of a new e-commerce service.


The bespoke, fixed price offering at is part of the company’s drive to shake up the industry and will see individual legal products together with bundled legal services available.


These legal products range from employment contracts and staff appraisal forms, to director service agreements, cookie compliance, VAT and Companies House registration and shareholder agreements.


Customers simply add the individual products they want to their shopping basket, the site will then make suggestions for complementary products customers may wish to add.  When the transaction proceeds to the checkout, this triggers a call from a Brilliant Law solicitor to make contact with the customer, in order to bespoke the package to the individual’s requirements.


Businesses and start-ups with no idea where to begin can also get a telephone consultation with a Brilliant Law solicitor to assess what legal products they require. The solicitor is even able to take payment for purchased products over the phone.


Paul Coulter, Group Marketing Director for Brilliant Law, commented: “We want businesses to have a totally transparent choice of legal services coupled with first class customer service. There will be a fixed price for all our legal services, doing away with traditional billable hours.


“This is all about turning legal services into a commodity, doing things differently and stripping away the mystique that still surrounds the industry.


“We know the biggest frustrations that a business owner faces when it comes to legal services is the unknown cost of the service they require, together with the lack of contact ability. Our service provides a totally transparent service, and provides the customer with immediate access to a solicitor enabling the customer to focus on what matters… their business”


Brilliant Law launched in a blaze of publicity in January as one of the first wave of alternative business structure practices in the country following a change in the Legal Services Act.

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