World Intellectual Property Day gives robust message

24 Apr, 2013

“Without clear knowledge ownership, economic growth will stall”

A host of leaders in Intellectual Property have been assembled at the House of Commons for this year’s World Intellectual Property Day on 24th April 2012, an event sponsored by the Federation Against Software Theft.


Hosted by Pete Wishart MP, Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary IP Group, the event will hear speeches from a wide variety of experts within the field of Intellectual Property, including:


  • Viscount Younger, Minister for Intellectual Property, Business, Innovation and Skills
  • Lee Broom, designer and three times winner of the British Designs Award
  • Luke Johnson, Chair of Risk, Capital Partners


Julian Heathcote Hobbins (pictured), General Counsel, the Federation Against Software Theft and an IPAN Director, commented: “We live in a knowledge-based economy. However, for individuals, businesses and investors alike there needs to be a clear understanding about the ownership of intellectual property and the creativity that comes from it.  In other words, without a clear Intellectual Property framework, nobody can profit from their ideas and the UK economy will stall.


“This is an important message that everyone in government needs to understand if they are serious about building a strong economy in the UK,” he added.


Intellectual Property is critical to economic growth, not only in the UK but globally. Every year WIPO celebrates World Intellectual Property Day and in 2013, IPAN is using this opportunity to promote how IP rights can help in an export-led recovery.


Julian concluded: “All Parliamentarians have an interest in the economic prosperity of this country so they should all be familiar with the issues around intellectual property. We need effective IP regulations appropriate for an increasingly knowledge based economy, to help drive the UK recovery forward.”

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