Brazil has first Geographical Indication for Services

29 Apr, 2013

Number of applications for this type of registration has grown significantly at INPI


A group of Information Technology (IT) companies in Recife could be one of the first Service conglomerates in the world to have a “Geographical Indication” recognized, something which is normally only granted to products.  This registration was granted in the “Indication of Source” category, in which the link with the geographical environment comes about through reputation.  In fact, the number of applications for “Geographical Indications” has been increasing substantially at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).


The registration means that a place has been recognized as a reference for the production of a certain product or the provision of a certain service.  It is often used for wines and other drinks, but also includes non-agricultural products, such as lace, finished leather and precious stones.


– The granting of the registration for a Geographical Indication in connection with the rendering of services is rare, perhaps even unprecedented. But this innovation shows that business culture in the area of Intellectual Property in Brazil has been growing.  And the area of “Geographical Indications” has presented a significant increase in applications – Ana Lúcia de Sousa Borda,  attorney at the Dannemann Siemsen firm, comments.

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