VDB Loi clarifies Myanmar foreign investment rules at Amcham event in S’pore

18 Feb, 2013

The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore organizes a breakfast seminar on 25 February 2013 dedicated to the long-awaited rules on business activities that are allowed for foreign investment implementing the new Foreign Investment Law. Details have emerged on requirements for a local partner, special approvals and conditions for 100% foreign ownership.

In this briefing, VDB Loi lawyers and tax advisors in Myanmar clarify the new rules based on their on-the-ground knowledge and discussions with the key ministries. 



  • Which activities now require a joint venture, in practice?
  • For which products can a foreign investor distribute as well as manufacture?     
  • How do the authorities interpret the new rules in real life cases?
  • Based on actual experience, for which activity will you receive an Investment Permit?
  • How do the conditions on export, raw materials, etc. actually work?   

Sectors covered:   

  • Retail, distribution
  • Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fuel, lubricants
  • Foodstuffs, dairy, soft drinks and spirits
  • Power, mining, oil and gas, chemicals 
  • Real estate, infrastructure, construction and hospitality
  • Transport, media, oilfield services, airlines, clinics

Agriculture, livestock, rubber, fish-farms   

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