One third of Europeans fearful over cyber fraud

11 Feb, 2013

With almost a third of Europeans unconfident in their ability to make purchases online safely, businesses should be looking for ways to demonstrate their safety credentials, compliance with best practice and ensure confidence in their online services, suggests Global Brands Protection Ltd (GBP).


According to the 2012 Eurobarometer survey[1], almost a third of Europeans are not confident in their ability to use the internet for banking or purchases. An overwhelming majority also said they avoid disclosing personal information online because of security concerns. Across the EU, more than one in ten internet users has already become victim of online fraud.


Marc Howard (pictured), co-founder GBP, a reseller of online protection software Yoshki, said: “These figures, while concerning, are not altogether surprising. Web users simply don’t have sufficient protection against cyber fraud. Although the EU has recently signalled its intent to tackle these issues, legislation of any real significance is a long way off. Until such a time as website owners are compelled to take action, businesses should be looking for ways to proactively secure their sites and protect their visitors from fraud. With a third of Europeans not yet confident in online shopping, ensuring this confidence should bring considerable opportunities for growth.


“What’s needed here is a proactive approach by the industry to security and website validation. Although page validation and accreditation marks are widespread, for the most part they ineffective and readily copyable with a simple right-click. As such, they can never offer users the protection that they are looking for, and, as these figures suggest, fail to inspire confidence in end users. Businesses should be looking at solutions that can protect online materials at source to prevent fraudulent use, and give customers the piece of mind that the site that they are on is the right one,” he concluded.


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