DFDL releases the tax pocket guide to investing in Myanmar – Edition 2013

04 Feb, 2013

DFDL has launched a new and highly anticipated publication. The DFDL Tax Pocket Guide to Investing in Myanmar is a concise synopsis of key regulations and tax considerations for investors considering setting up businesses in Myanmar.


Given the surge in popularity of Myanmar and the subsequent increasing quest for information on the previously reclusive country, the DFDL Tax and Pocket Guide is being launched at an opportune time. Compiled by DFDL Regional Tax Director, Jack Sheehan with the help of other DFDL legal and tax experts, the 30 page booklet covers various topics, including: regulatory overview; setting up business in Myanmar; accounting/financial reporting for companies and branches of foreign companies in Myanmar; foreign investment law, the special economic zone; and taxation.


Leveraging DFDL’s 17 years of experience in Myanmar and 19 years in the Mekong region, this publication is the latest edition to DFDL’s regional investment guide collection. DFDL remains deeply committed to disseminating information on the emerging and untapped, as well as more established, jurisdictions throughout Asia and, as such, frequently releases on-of-a-kind publications on a variety of subjects.


DFDL is the first leading international law firm specialised in emerging markets with a pan regional legal and tax expertise developed throughout the Mekong region (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam), Bangladesh, Indonesia and Singapore, and with a dedicated focus on other Southeast Asia jurisdictions, South Asia and the Middle East.


The DFDL Tax Pocket Guide to Investing in Myanmar can be downloaded on DFDL’s website :


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