GBP highlights the importance of Intellectual Property protection at Civica’s Annual Conference 2013

22 Jan, 2013

Global Brands Protection Ltd will be at Stand 17 from 23rd – 24th January 2013


Global Brands Protection Ltd (GBP) is pleased to announce its attendance at the Civica Annual Conference 2013. As one of the show’s sponsors, GBP will be presenting the latest advances in technology, and offering tips and advice about how public sector organisations can best protect their Intellectual Property (IP) online.


Civica is an international market leader in specialist IT systems and business process services for the public sector in particular. The show will bring together customers and experts from across a broad range of public sector organisations to discover innovative technology solutions and share their knowledge.


GBP was established in 2011 to assist corporations worldwide to protect their assets, equity and IP both online and in the physical world. GBP works with customers from both the public and private sector to ensure that they are properly supported against the increasing threat of cyber crime.


Marc Howard, GBP’s co-founder, said: “For any business with an online presence, maintaining the integrity of their IT estate, be it product images and logos or the security of their web pages, is of enormous importance. This holds especially true the public sector as ever more public services start to embrace the digital arena. It’s vital that these organisations can secure and maintain the trust of their users by conspicuously demonstrating their compliance with good practice and ensuring that their websites are not left open to misuse.


“The issue is that, as it stands, the vast majority of websites are not adequately protected against cyber crime. Although the use of virus and malware protection software is widespread, very little is done to protect the physical components on the sites themselves. By leaving key elements of the sites easily and freely copyable, they are vulnerable to copycat sites and fraud. We look forward to discussing these issues at greater length at the show,” he concluded.

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