16 Jan, 2013

Brilliant Law has begun operating as the UK’s first law firm founded by non lawyers.


Unlike a traditional law practice, Brilliant Law has a corporate structure led by non-solicitors, and is headed by a team renowned for challenging the markets within which they operate.


CEO Matthew Briggs is the former chief executive of Minster Law, who, as a non-lawyer CEO, took Minster Law into the Top 50.  He will work with his team of specialist lawyers at Brilliant Law, bringing years’ of experience of working with SMEs, to ensure products are developed to market needs.


Chairman Jeremy Fenn will manage the company alongside.  He is best known for securing the sale of Sports Internet Group plc in 2001, when he was CEO, to BSkyB for £301m.  He has since founded and invested in a succession of enterprises within the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sectors.


All activity will be financially supported by Brilliant Law’s principal investor, gambling entrepreneur Bert Black.  The founder of Betfair, the World’s largest betting exchange, he will consolidate Matthew and Jeremy’s entrepreneurial and management expertise.


The firm’s aim is to act as a legal ‘best friend’ offering cost-effective legal services transparently to both consumers and businesses, allowing clients to budget for activity. 


Brilliant Law marked its opening by ditching the time honoured billable hours structure with the launch of a UK first:  a series of fixed price packages for start-ups and SMEs designed to introduce transparency and trust to the market place.  For further information, please visit: 

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