Baker & McKenzie Earns Top Spot for Emerging Market M&A

21 Jan, 2013

Baker & McKenzie was the number one law firm by deal count for M&A involving emerging markets for the sixth consecutive year, according to Thomson Reuters’ data for both announced and completed transactions in 2012. The Firm’s top ranking comes at a time of increased emerging market M&A activity, which rose 9% in 2012 according to Thomson Reuters, accounting for 28% of global M&A activity. 

In 2012, Baker & McKenzie continued to grow its presence and depth in emerging and high-growth markets in ways that benefit clients, including becoming the first global law firm in Peru, opening offices in South Africa and Morocco, and applying to the Korean authorities to open in Seoul. In 2011, the Firm opened an office in Turkey, an area that has seen an increase in M&A activity since 2010, according to mergermarket. The Firm has cultivated strong local M&A teams in global markets for decades, including a significant presence in all major money centers, three of the BRIC countries for more than 20 years, and now in the CIVETS countries. A summary of the Firm’s recent M&A work, including in emerging markets, can be found online here

In addition, the Firm was recognized by Thomson Reuters as one of the most active M&A law firms in the world in 2012, ranking at number five among all law firms for worldwide completed deal activity by deal count. Bloomberg also ranked Baker & McKenzie at number five for law firms that served as counsel to principals in global announced deals (by deal count) over the last year. 

Baker & McKenzie also ranked at number two globally for cross-border M&A deals worldwide (by deal count), according to mergermarket data. Cross-border deals accounted for 51% of all M&A volume last year, up from 43% in 2011, according to a Bloomberg review of 2012 M&A activity. 

“More than 70% of all our M&A work over the last two years was cross-border in nature, and our focus remains on serving as a strategic advisor to our clients as they expand into new and established markets,” said Tim Gee, Head of Baker & McKenzie’s Global M&A Practice. “A growing percentage of our M&A work involved the BRIC countries and high-growth markets like Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, and South Africa, which speaks to our commitment to helping clients take advantage of opportunities in these markets.” 

A review of Thomson Reuters’ year-end 2012 M&A league table rankings shows strong activity by the Firm worldwide, including: first in the category of Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) announced activity by deal count; #2 for Asia Pacific emerging market announced activity by deal count; second and third for Asian (ex-Japan) Real Estate and Financials target industries by value respectively; number six for M&A in Europe by deal count; number 13 for announced transactions with any Latin American involvement by deal count; number six for announced deals by value in the United States; and second in the US Consumer Staples and US Healthcare target industry categories by value. 

“We are proud of this recognition and grateful for the trust in which our clients invest in our firm to assist on their most important transactions,” Mr. Gee concluded. 

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