Italy passes new anti-corruption law

07 Nov, 2012

Earlier this week (Tuesday 6th November) Italy made an attempt at remedying some of the reputational damage done to the nations by former leader Silvio Berlusconi, by passing a tough new anti-corruption law.


Amongst the changes it will bring, the new law will see higher prison sentences for any public official guilty of bribery or abuse of office, and will increase corruption penalties in the private sector. It will also require both local and regional administrations to put in place a plan to fight against corruption which will need to be renewed annually.


The law will also ban anyone convicted of corruption from running for public office, and promises whistle blower anonymity.


Prime Minister Mario Monti’s (pictured) government was keen for this law, which has been talked about for a year, in place before the next national elections which are set for April 2013.  


The country’s controversial former leader, Berlusconi, was sentenced last month to a custodial sentence for tax fraud. 

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