26 Nov, 2012

The Bar Council, which represents barristers in England and Wales, will launch a new online pupillage application system called ‘Pupillage Gateway’ in March next year.


The new system will be built by Jobs Go Public (JGP) and will be operated by the Bar Council. Pupillage Gateway has a bespoke design with improved functionality to support the high volume application process for pupillage, and directly responds to feedback given by users and non-users of the previous online pupillage application system. It will provide significant enhancements to applicants and to those chambers which choose to recruit through an online application system.


The Bar Council plans to undertake market research with pupillage training organisations and prospective applicants in December and January to identify which additional products or services, to complement Pupillage Gateway, could help to facilitate the pupillage recruitment process for 2014.


JGP was selected to build the system following a competitive tender process involving three other providers. Its expertise and dedication to the development of a more flexible system of online pupillage applications placed it as the Bar Council’s first choice.


Michael Todd QC, Chairman of the Bar, said:


“We are delighted to be able to unveil Pupillage Gateway, which we believe will make it easier than ever before for applicants and chambers to manage and run a modern, online, pupillage recruitment process.


“The Bar Council has undertaken research to ensure that the Pupillage Gateway delivers what applicants and chambers need. We are confident that, with the assistance of JGP, it will deliver a high quality service.


“We decided to take ownership of the new system to ensure the best possible end-user experience, and because, as the body that represents barristers, we are best placed to understand the needs of applicants and recruiters.”

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