Dyson accuses Bosch of secret theft

25 Oct, 2012

Dyson, the world-famous innovator of bag-less vacuum cleaners, is taking legal action in the High Court against Bosch, alleging that it planted a mole at the research and development centre of Dyson.


Dyson claims that Bosch enjoyed access to secret information from somebody within the department for up to two years, at Dyson’s Wiltshire facility. It is thought the alleged mole was working with Dyson’s digital motors, which are essential to the cordless technology and Airblades, which make Dyson’s products unique.


According to Sky News, Dyson research and development director, Mark Taylor, said: “We have spent over 15 years and £100m developing high-speed brushless motors, which power our vacuum cleaners and Airblade hand dryers. We are demanding the immediate return of our intellectual property.”

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