09 Aug, 2012

There is no excuse for business or human resource managers to stop learning and growing, particularly in the present state of the economy as companies try to stay afloat. “The greatest misconception is that employment laws excuse bad management,” states Chicago Trial Lawyer and Employment Law Specialist, Jordan Margolis (www.themargolisfirm.com)   In today’s changing business climate, internal structure within a company can be the difference between failure and success.  Margolis is saving the world one excuse at a time with his alter-ego, EXCUSEMAN, (http://www.excuseman.com) by sharing his expertise through a series of educational speaking engagements for various businesses and human resource organizations all over the country.   On October 17th, 2012, Margolis will continue to shed some light on effective communication in the work place utilizing humor and address team player issues while motivating human resource professionals to continue to take leadership initiative to promote progress at DePaul University.


“We’re very excited to have Jordan as EXCUSEMAN be a part of our 2012-2013 Lunch & Learn Lecture Series.  The goal of the series is to explore the issues that are most important to DePaul employees in a fun, informative way, and EXCUSEMAN is a great fit with that goal,” states Erin Higgins, Trainer in the Office of Human Resources at DePaul University.


Programs like DePaul University’s Lunch & Learn Lecture Series provide the bridge between business management, human resource directors, continued education and progressive, cutting-edge growth strategies helping employees and employers develop an understanding of what is needed as things change in today’s business world.   Other associations like PIHRA (Professionals in Human Resource Association) where Margolis is speaking in California next year and Human Resource Management Association of Chicago, where Margolis is a professional member – are also doing their part to keep human resource folks in the loop on new ways to apply strategic communication tactics for performance effectiveness and productivity. 


Margolis has achieved the ultimate business ‘merger.’  As lawyer by day and satirical super hero the rest of the time, his purpose is to re-educate and reinvent the utilization of humor to breed positivity.   This approach to learning helps with retention and additionally brings forth camaraderie among colleagues and clients, while fostering communicative understanding.  As a businessman who owns his own practice he is very aware of what it takes to motivate his own team, while instilling there’s ‘no excuse’ not to handle business with an interpersonal approach.  


“Client communication is the key to success and business growth. People are not to be treated like numbers or case files, and they want to know you care about them. Call backs are essential even if no information is known at the time. A client with a small case handled well often garners a referral for a much larger case. Lastly, leveling with a client rather than coddling is appreciated, and permits you both to focus on more significant concerns,” expresses Margolis.


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