Domain name disputes will be quicker and cheaper in Brazil

28 Aug, 2012

Legal disputes involving Intellectual Property will be resolved more quickly and cheaply in Brazil.  The Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property (ABPI) signed an agreement this Monday during the XXXII International Congress of ABPI which is taking place in São Paulo with the Brazilian Network Information Center (, a body that implements the decisions of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (, for a new arbitration chamber specializing in domain name dispute resolution.  A legal dispute usually takes as long as from four to eight years.  The cases brought to the arbitration chamber, however, should be analyzed within three months. 


The special chamber for disputes involving internet domain names will be operational by September 1st. But ABPI will have chambers for every Intellectual Property area operational by the end of the year: this will be the Center for IP Dispute Resolution.  The project will start to function already with 46 specialist arbitrators registered in the sphere to work in the proceedings.


“In addition to arbitration being a faster and less expensive means to resolution for the companies, there is the advantage that since the process is connected to ABPI it will be more effective through the intermediation of highly specialized arbitrators in the subject. The number and complexity of the legal disputes involving industrial property rights has been increasing significantly in Brazil”, explains Luiz Henrique do Amaral, president of ABPI.


“The idea is to accelerate the process and avoid losses”, said Demi Getschko, director-president of

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