Greece's best chances lie in reform, say Euro zone leaders

18 Jun, 2012

The long awaited decision from Greece as to whether it will remain in the Euro zone, has been decided, and for now, it will stay.


Although the victory of pro-bailout New Democracy party in yesterday’s (Sunday 17th June) election has provided some sort of stability for now, the Euro zone group has said that the best chances for Greece’s future will come from reforms.


On behalf of the Euro zone finance ministers, all 17 of them, Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Paul Juncker said in a statement that ‘continued fiscal and structural reforms are Greece’s best guarantee to overcome the current economic and social challenges and for a more prosperous future of Greece in the euro area’.


The effects of the vote are already being felt as the European markets were rising already early this morning (Monday 18th June). 


Picture: Antonis Samaras

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