World Intellectual Property Day gives robust message to the UK

01 May, 2012

“Without clear knowledge ownership, economic growth will stall”

A host of leaders in intellectual property have been assembled at the House of Commons for this year’s World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April 2012.

Speaking on the critical importance of intellectual property, Baroness Wilcox, minister for IP, and Dr Guriqbal Singh Jaiya, Director of the World Intellectual Property Organisation, highlighted the vital contribution intellectual property is making to the UK economy.

Peter Prowse, Chairman of IPAN – the Intellectual Property Awareness Network – who hosted the event says:

“We live in a knowledge-based economy. However, to profit from the fruits of their knowledge, individuals, businesses and investors need to be clear about their ownership and the creativity that they develop from it.  Without a clear intellectual property framework, nobody can profit from their ideas and the UK economy will stall.

Julian Heathcote Hobbins of FAST and an IPAN Director added, “This is an important message that everyone in government needs to understand if they are serious about building a strong economy in the UK”.

Other speakers included Emma Wild, Head of Knowledge Economy, Confederation of British Industry and Richard Hooper, IPO Digital Copyright Exchange Rapporteur.

Intellectual property is critical to economic growth, not only in the UK but globally. Every year WIPO celebrates World Intellectual Property Day and in 2012, with the world’s focus on the Olympic Games in London, IPAN is using this opportunity to celebrate IP in the UK. The event highlighted the significance of creating value from those with vision about intellectual property as a positive force.

At this event IPAN launched a new resource for Parliamentarians and industry, written by experts, on a diverse and broad range of IP subjects. The new series of issue briefs are freely available on and provide an impartial summary to aid basic understanding of important IP related issues. It also offers external references for further contact or research.

Peter Prowse concludes:“All Parliamentarians have an interest in the economic prosperity of this country so they should all be familiar with the issues around intellectual property. We need effective IP regulations appropriate for an increasingly knowledge based economy, to help drive the UK recovery forward.”

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