24 May, 2012

Two top barristers have joined forces to launch a credible new Public Access service, which offers legal advice to consumers for a £150 fixed fee.


Oliver Cook and Rachel Temple, who met studying for the Bar at Nottingham University in 2002, have devised, a branded online service aimed directly at a consumer audience.


Over a year in development, is positioned as a ‘quick, easy and cost-effective way’ for consumers to access independent and impartial legal advice online from specialist barristers.


For a fixed fee, clients will be told whether their case is worth pursuing before they spend another penny, and then how they should proceed.


Said Oliver: “Advise Me Barrister brings credibility to the online legal sector, and has been created by barristers, not businessmen. We aim to break the public perception of lawyers as money-grabbing fat cats by offering completely independent advice no matter whether that means no litigation and no further fees.”


The site offers full payment facilities, and guarantees a quick turnaround in delivering advice back to its customers. A network of barristers are on board to personally answer queries related to their own specialist areas.


Oliver, whose specialism is criminal law, added: “Even though Public Access has been around since 2004, our market research when developing the Advise Me Barrister offer showed that a very high percentage of people still don’t realise that they can access a barrister’s expertise directly.


“And cost is a barrier. The public is generally wary of instructing legal professionals, worrying – rightly in many cases – that costs can be quickly incurred without knowing if there’s a case worth pursuing.


“With the launch of Advise Me Barrister we’ve taken away two of the biggest unknown quantities people face when they believe they have a case. Firstly, they can now come straight to a barrister and ask us if their case is worth pursuing. And secondly, with a flat fee, they know it’s not going to cost the earth to do that.”


Rachel Temple, who specialises in family law, said: “To the public the law can seem complex, distant and impenetrable. We will provide a personal service and will inform people of options that they either did not think of themselves or did not know were available to them.


“Quite simply, there are many people who have a legitimate claim or case, but have shied away from pursuing it due to the barriers, perceived or real, the legal profession has put up. We’re setting out to simplify the whole process and offer true impartiality.”

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